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Some idea for future Themes

Eric BXL

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Firstly, I want to mention that I like all the themes I bought here and intend to buy some more in the future.





Now I have this suggestion;





On this site there are "rank images" for Administrator, Support, Premium, Customer and Member and I suppose they are made specially for this forum and shop, right?





But what about the customers owning a forum? There must be more than me in your client database!





Wouldn't it be a good idea to add a few more images in your future Theme releases?





IMHO, I'm almost sure other forum owners will also appreciate to see that not only members have such a nice rank image under their avatar.





It would be nice to also have one for;

WebMaster (blue colour?)

Administrator  (already done and it's a beauty!)

Super Moderator (or SuperMod)



Member (already done)

Inactive (after 6 months of inactivity members get the inactive status, but it is not really needed)

Guest (not really needed)

Banned (not really needed)





If necessary, I wouldn't even mind to have to pay a little extra to have those added. 3.png




Cheers and 1.gif













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9 hours ago, Wotsit said:





The .psd is included in the download for those who want to create as many as they like.






OMG yes. Mostly working with Paint.net I didn't realize directly that PSD files have layers!





Thank you Sir Wot Sit

for refreshing my memory. 18.png



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