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This is just a Thank you note to Eva


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Thank you Eva, MuddDogg and little Diva skinner in training.




I seldom see an ocean of thank yous here.




Even when you buy "stuff" it is courtesy tosay thank you.




Eva had to stay home all day yesterday Sunday and fill all these orders.


Please note that you cannot beat down the talent because the Almighty God Copyrighted the talent for her.


I am sure when you place all your orders you wish to receive excellent skins on your custom work.


Please respect the guidelines she has posted.




She is the best yet, very giving, very understanding, generous to a fault, may I add kind and beautiful.




Please also respect that she is our treasure here and as such some of us will not allow anyone to trample over her for no reason at all. She is someone's wife, someone mother, someone's sister, someones daughter and she wears different hats. Please respect her as she deserves all the respect in the world, respect her time and privacy.




We all respect your patronizing this wonderful place but please consider this place the" Macys of skin shops" and you know you cannot just go inside Macys and act up because you have money to spend. Same logic.




Please respect the talents here, respect the managements here, respect the admins here.




Thanks Premium members for your continued support of Eva, Mudddogg thanks for all that you do to keep this wonderful national treasure going.




Eva, we all love you, just know we all thank you for your talent.


Hope this cheers you up and makes your day.


Jarred you are awesome too and Will we thank you all too.




Thank Goodness for Eva, May the Heavens keep you keeping on.


Continued success.









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You have left me speechless. Thank you so very much for your kindness, understanding and the compliments. (my head is swelling a bit. lol) It is members like you that make what I do so much fun. Many many hugs to you!!!!








Back at you sis'


Have a great weekend default_smile.png



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