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A few things you all should know about Sherri!

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I wanted to post this in a customer feedback forum, but it seems we don't have one. (hint hint) default_wink.png




I was introduced to Sherri about a year ago by a mutual friend. I was looking for someone to design my company sites and install my forums and blog systems. (I have 6 sites total) I decided after seeing how great she did on my first two sites to contract her for a few custom skins. I have never seen such detailed design and amazing use of color. She really exceeded all my expectations. I'm not sure exactly why she hasn't put up a better portfolio than the one she is showing now, but what I can tell you is that most of those samples in her portfolio are nothing compared to what I have seen. I stopped by her office to pay her a couple of weeks ago and while I was there I took a glance at her actual portfolio book and I couldn't believe my eyes. She has gone so far as to design menus for local restaurants, logos for I can't remember how many businesses and if I had to guess, I would have to say I seen printouts for more than 100 site designs. I would just like to know why this lady is not working for some big corporation in a big city making the big bucks after what I have seen! She was bouncing back and forth between 3 computers (that should have been retired years ago) to get everything exactly the way she wanted it and she has more pet-peeves about design than anyone I've ever met. She has these color charts all over the office, magazine clippings everywhere and I don't know how many design books I must have seen. (and I thought I was a computer nerd) I just want to express my sincere appreciation for her talents and hard work. I could have never pulled this off with my sites if it had not been for her help (and constant reminder I have absolutely no taste at all. lol default_wink.png ) So if any of you were thinking of having a site designed by this wonderful lady, or a skin or just a logo, don't hesitate any longer! You will be so pleased when the work is finished. I only wish I could post links to my site here, but due to their adult nature, I was asked not to. You'll just have to take my word for it, but I'm sure there are many others here that can back up my story. She is the true definition of an artist.




I will definitely be returning in the future! I wish you the best.


God speed my friend.








Nice license plate! lol default_7.gif It fits you!



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Thanks you so much Karl! I am so glad you are happy with everything. Like I told you the other day, I really enjoyed doing business with you. I have done a lot of custom work, but you really made it enjoyable this time. If you ever need anything else, just let me know.




About the license plate comment...


For those of you that do not know, my actual nick-name ever since I was like 18 has been Princess. (mainly because my brother says I'm a royal pain in the ass. lol) Anyway, this is what everyone around here calls me, and I have a custom license plate on my car that says Princes. Here's a peek at it...







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