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Hi Sherri


First of all I would like to say may God be with you throughout the rest of your grievance and recuperation process. Not too many can go through what you endured.


Your skins have to be the best or at the top with the best of the best. Detail after detail is magnificent.


Unfortunately throughout my internet travels (prior to joining the forum I have seen numerous board skins that I now know were created by you that most likely were pirated. Missing copyright is usually a first clue, but from now on as I run across what I feel as questionable I will pm the sites to you. If they turn up pirated then duty is done. If it is a site that may have purchased copyright removal I hope they will understand I am looking out for the best interest for all as I would hope they would do for me and my poetry for one. I don



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Thanks, woodsman for your kind words and your continued support of Sherri's skins. I am sure Sherri will be along shortly to respond to your comments as well!... default_thumbsup.gif



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Woodsman, I can not thank you enough for your kindness, understanding and all your compliments. I can see it will be a great joy to have you here with us for a long time to come. I especially want to thank you for your loyalty. It is a rare thing to find such wonderful people all in one place, and I must say, I have been blessed with many great and supportive members here. With the holidays approaching, I find that my grieving is not quite as close to an end as I had thought, but I have found that my faith alone has carried me quite the distance. My health has improved tramendously! (having to drink discustin cabbage juice all day) I have had no problems with my ulcers in nearly 5 weeks now. Thank goodness! I wouldn't wish that on even my worst enemy. It's worse than the pain of childbirth. LOL I'm excited to be back to skinning full time again now. It is my passion. I have spent a bit more time on this halloween skin than I had expected, but it was well worth it. I hope all the new ones to come are just as pleasing to all of you as this one.




Many blessings to you!





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Ulcers is a topic you don't want me to get on.... But I will say they started folding me over like a cheap paperback from the age of 19 to 40. I ran into a doc that looked into them closer than the rest, gave me an antibiotic to take for 7 days... I am 50 now and have not had a flair up in 10 years. Yes loyalty is in short supply but I have this feeling if I show it to one and that person starts showing it who knows what may happen.... I may be a disabled electrician/vet but I still know good people when I run accross them and when I do this other disease called friendship starts up much like that other diease loyalty. So when I meet my Lord and maker he won't have to ask what I died from he will know it was the disease.... Sheri it takes a special heart to help others in need when you are in need of help yourself. I am glad you are getting stronger and even more happy to here you haven't had any of that pain in 5 weeks. I am proud to have joined a membership as this one.




My infant board has to do with writing and poetry, 3 of the skins are mine and I hope to one day create them as well as yours. and as my new skills advance who knows. I don't leave my house anymore but sitting and being a couch potato is not a life. So here I am willing to learn the best from the best.... and the other kind words.... I am moving in the next couple of weeks so I have to be careful not to let my head grow to large...






The Woodsman



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