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  1. foxx

    Theme Renewal

    Just paid an invoice to renew my theme(s) for the coming year. Really hoping that updates are coming, hard to upgrade to 4.5.x when your theme will not translate without being broken. Hope all is well, Sherri and that you and yours are doing as well as can be expected in this Covid madness that has descended upon humanity. Best, 🕺
  2. Can someone please tell me which text color button controls the color of the quoted members name within quoted posts in this theme? It is black and hard to read for some of my elderly members. Thanks.
  3. Disregard, I am an idiot. I always forget to 'save' after doing something. Working.
  4. I tried replacing the, 'Site Logo Image' and the existing header that comes with the .xml file remains. What could I possibly be doing wrong?
  5. Hi Sherri, I am honored to meet the intellect behind the design here. You do absolutely beautiful work. I have just purchased the Business One & Two Double Theme Pack, just awaiting payment approval. I thought I would give these a try first before possibly going for the All Access Membership. I also ran across a post you made regarding Lifetime Membership, of which I would possibly be interested in if I am satisfied with what I can work with. Was wondering if I may PM you? Best, Dan
  6. I have a logo already, not sure if it is PSD though. Still work?
  7. Thank you Pete. I have to ask, can the header image be replaced on my end?
  8. Apologies if I have simply missed it but I don't see where there is an option to purchase the all access membership that is mentioned on the front page. I don't know that I will buy just shopping at the moment. BTW, beautiful work. Thanks! Dan
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