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  1. i dont use twilight but it looks like its been updated on this forum, so worth a check if you can download the new version.
  2. i messaged Sherri yesterday on her Facebook account asking how updates are going and suggested to put a topic on this forum with a list of themes that have been completed. At least we can plan our own updates Pete used to have a theme update topic that worked well. She replied and said it was a good idea and Everything is starting to fall into place. It's just been hectic around there.
  3. Mine is due for renewal but don't think i will bother renewing this time round. Sherri seams to have plenty of time to post on her private Facebook page but no time for her paying customers. Such a real shame to treat people that way..
  4. The forgottenĀ 

  5. Hi Cambridge theme renewal is due but get an error so cannot renew. Let me know when working again Any news on the theme updates ? Thanks
  6. Looks like we have been forgotten,
  7. i don't expect you will get an answer, click on customer downloads in top menu go here for downloads https://ibtheme.com/forums/clients/purchases/ if you looking for an upgrade to 4.5.2 nothing has been updated yet
  8. Most appreciate the update notice, thank you Sherri
  9. Hi Now 4.5.2 is available, are the themes being upgraded or in the prosses? If possible a rough idea of when or if they are not going to be upgraded let me know. My site uses Cambridge so that's the only one i am interested in. Thank you
  10. I found that out after updating to 4.4.8, thought there was something wrong to start with I always go to invision and do a quick search first usually shows up with what they have changed or removed without telling any one.šŸ˜€
  11. still have users using IE 11 that's the problem looks like I have sorted it, re-installed theme did the trick. not sure why the old one on my forum and this one shows incorrect but sorted
  12. its the same when viewing the list of topics but this time member name is out of line. Just realised this is with using IE 11, Edge is ok
  13. Hi Hope your all well just updated to 4.4.8 and everything went ok but just spotted a slight issue. I will try and explain, when looking at the forum index the title of a topic is not aligned correctly and there is now a gap. The issue is on this forum as well as my own, could you provide me with a fix/edits so I can correct it on my forum. Thank you
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