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  1. @Logan I do see your plight, and I do see what you are saying here, I would also further my sentiment by saying how sorry I feel for your experience with her and or her products. I wish there would be some way of turning a bad experience around. In this, your situation. I wonder if something could have happened with her personally? It usually is what makes something like that happen, I'm pretty patient so I tend to let these types of situations go as there is enough wrong in the world these days. A theme update is far low on the spectrum of issues in 2020. I'd reach out to the staff here
  2. I know I said it once before, but it bares repeating; @Sherri every time I see you working on these themes I get a flood of memories; having been one of your original customers and followers from (and I mean) way back before you even had the website, First version Sherri worked on for me 3.x; it just amazes me. I know I said it before so I will not bore you with the minutia of a blundering noise of repeat phrases like 'Sherri's work is the best' or 'Man there is no other type of theme like Sheri's', because it goes without saying. Finally remembering my password and locating the website I
  3. Thank you so much, I'll get back with you guys on what our plans are, right now, I am just relieved I found you guys again.
  4. It is just amazing @Sherri seeing how far you've come with the community skins and felt the need to tell you how amazing it is. I am sad I did miss out on the lifetime subscriptions a long while back, it would be interesting to see them again. I have been revamping myself with only one vision, Ironically I've changed it and got active in life becoming what I am now. The question I have for you guys is, where can I catch up, what has changed in the way of themes and where can I begin perusing the site. recommendations?
  5. Having been one of the original followers of Sheri, I must say. coming back and seeing the improvements over time I am just amazed! You all deserve so much credit.
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