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  1. I feel for all of you guys. In the same boat, granted I know how to do all of the theme edits on IPS themes. The main problem is that IPS v4.4.10 -to- v4.5.3, the theme edits required are massive for both the... HTML and CSS files. What I am seeing with all of the IBTheme themes, IPS v4.5.3 breaks the themes badly. I have started to upgrade the... Revolution Yellow theme myself, but found that whoever did the past IPS versions of the theme edits DID NOT do them correctly. So going to make it very very difficult to get the themes upgraded properly. All you can do is wait and see what trans
  2. Thank u very much for the added images. I really appreciate it. The forums cosmetic look on the Evave is not that good. Does not have any separating lines between forums and even when viewing a topic. Thank u very much, but I will have to keep looking till I find a theme I like. I really appreciate the time u took adding the images. ?
  3. Hi Sherri, This is for you to answer since your the designer of the IB Themes. I do not see any type of... Back To Top Icon button on lower right corner of your themes. This can be coded via jQuery and would definitely add a nice look when viewing the footer section of your themes.Never seen it on your themes. Just thought I'd mention it even though you probably have been told it b4 and might have even thought of this.
  4. I fully understand now. Did not know this site is using a 4.3.x beta3 version. Added images to the shop would be great, but tell u what. Let me wait till v4.3 is officially out and for when Sherri & you officially release the v4.3 version of the theme. Its best that way. Thank u very much for replying back and letting me know this. I appreciate it. ?
  5. I am interested in purchasing this theme, but there is NO DEMO and no other themes available on this site to change and/or choose from. In IBTheme Shop there is only the little small 300 x 300 image that shows hardly nothing. @Sherri I suggest that u add and apply large and different screenshot images for your themes so that customers or potential customers can see what the theme looks like. Would make it so much nicer and easier. ?
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