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  1. Thanks Pete. Jim from IPS Support cme in and it was a Default Application that was causing this error, he fixed it now happy camping members again. Ron.
  2. Pete I tried disabling the Application one at a time and still shows the error. I tried disabling the Plugins, same error show.. I also put a IPB Support ticket in, see what they have to say. Ron.
  3. So I guess I remove each application until I find out which one. Thanks Ron.
  4. On my theme skins when you click on the Home button is goes to a page that shows a error for being off line See image: Red Pro and Vitality and Twilight are the same. Is there a way to correct this, must be the Home link. But have no clue the location.Thanks Ron
  5. Thanks Pete. I did it and it works. Ron.
  6. I need a wee bit more space so my logo will fit properly, see image below What is the trick to expanding this area a little more.. Thanks Ron.
  7. I need some more space so my logo will fit. What's the trick to expand it a wee bit. Thanks Ron.
  8. Ronald

    Celtic Rose

    Sherri says she only sold two or three, I bought one, Chuck bought one and you bought one, that's three.. I see your from Canada, so am I, McGregor Ontario, just south of Windsor..
  9. Ronald

    Celtic Rose

    Didn't realize that, I bought the skin and had you do the name of the forum for me.. It's a skin that is easy on the eyes.. I'll keep checking, someday you'll get it done and I'll buy it..No big rush..
  10. Ronald

    Celtic Rose

    Wish it was done, I could have bought it also today along with the other two I just bought. Thanks Sherri Ron.
  11. Ronald

    Celtic Rose

    I have Celtic Rose on my arcade forum, it is 3.4. Is there a chance you'll be having Celtic Rose for the 4.4 forums.
  12. Great deals, just bought two theme skins.
  13. Sherri just reading all the answers here. Sure are a lot of people here that love you..
  14. Welcome Back Sherri, and thanks to Pete for keeping the site open.
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