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  1. Started new board https://bangernomical.co.uk The art of buying & using an old vehicle for everyday use instead of buying a new car and losing money in depreciation etc. This is true for most things transport related. i.e. Cars,motorcycles,pushbikes,vans,lorries,campers,caravans,trailers,boats & much more.
  2. Cloed due to lack of interest.
  3. Just upgraded to 4.2.0 final,any chance of Redpro upgrade please
  4. Just upgraded to 4.2.0 Beta 8,themes still more or less behaving themselves
  5. Now on Invision Community v4.2.0 Beta 7a Themes mostly behaving themselves,just wish i knew how to increase space between postbit & topic on pro red. Its something that has been upgraded between & current but havnt got a clue how to update it.
  6. Make that 4.2.0 Beta 5a
  7. Now on v4.2.0 Beta 5 .
  8. Changed theme,now on v4.2.0 Beta 4 . Members needed,any ideas anyone?
  9. My new board running 4.2. Lots to do as yet. http://petsnwildlife.uk
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