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  1. Brilliant. Fixed it a treat. Thanks for your assistance on this. Legion is Legend!
  2. Thanks. Can't see where Global Framework is? Sorry...first time of delving into this bit. Happy to make the changes though. Robert
  3. How do I make my Text White Automatically, when creating and replying in posts. At the moment, it's Black and I have to change it everytime?
  4. Thanks. The only thing I see in the Logo area is Logo height. It's already at 100%. Am I missing any other setting. Robert
  5. Thanks. My header has an issue on 4.5.2 It's gone really small and out of perspective. Do you know if I can fix it for now? It used to be a deeper depth?
  8. Thanks Sherri. I've been trying to tackle this for a couple of weeks, but now we'll hopefully get to the bottom of it..😀
  9. Yes indeed it's good as I said earlier, does this mean Support will work again? I'm a paying member and I can't get access to it. Neither can PeteT to help me, he tells me?
  10. Ok. Who's in charge of ensuring I get access to support then please? Where do I have to go to get it fixed?
  11. Been trying to report a bug and the fact that as a Paid Member, I'm not allowed to access support. Trying for a couple of weeks now. I've got Twilight Theme, and 4.4.6 Can anyone advise, as I've contacted Sherri and Pete T to no avail. Thanks
  12. Just found this under Feedback. Couldn't see it in support. Apologies for PM Sherri. So when I reply, I get a white background, as you'll see in this image. Any idea why? I'm on 4.4.5 now. THanks Robert
  13. Well, I'm not a big user and didn't know much about your troubles, but you sure have a great talent. I wish you well, really I do and I'm pleased you've got your life together. You only get one, so live it well and make a difference to your personal community, wherever that lies. We all have a Personal Community, and it's not just here, but it's part of yours and mine, and of course Pete's. He seems to have been very supportive and I have to join you in heaping some praise on him. Well done Pete. 👋👍
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