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  1. whats the coding and the name of the Members Lounge.. is that an addon or Chat box paid?
  2. I appreciate the help… I have been scared to update with all the complaining on invisioncommunity.com/ this problem and that problem, the new owners or management whichever and the local gurus that started the whole thing… I dont know whats going on… I just have 2 addons simple list and chatbox , what version of the chatbox are you guys using for your members lounge? thanks legion for the help
  3. will the geode 4.4.7 work with the 4.6.4 upgrade?
  4. actually it looks pretty good in the business theme...
  5. after I read all of the new features and all of the hassles of upgrading and problems with this and that, I think I will wait a couple of weeks till I try to upgrade. Please let me know when the update for the skin will be available for the Geode .. I really want to use the club area to start a pay for content and collaboration for my visitors .. any enhancements for the club would be nice, there is not enough menu in the club menu, if you could double row it or make it hold more items. make it more prominent in the theme, once you get past the header, the main menu, the advertisement the club section is near the bottom. just a few thoughts... thanks foxx for the heads up
  6. any updates on Geode 4.6, any 4.6 themes available?
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