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  1. This is a snapshot of Geode (forums view) on
  2. It should work or at least look good, the problem you will have (if any) will be with the addons that are using the new 4.6.x coding
  3. in the ACP go to the skin you want to edit, in the templates scroll all the way down to forums,->Topics->postContainer and revert that template
  4. Welcome back and glad to see you
  5. oooooops thanks I found it, it is the primarynav but it was set for no-repeat, take out he no-repeat and walla, what I was trying to accomplish
  6. I have just started a new skin (my first for IPB 3.0) but having a small problem finding one item, this skin has just been started so the image is still pretty raw with a lot more work to be done Can you tell me where to find the part that I cannot seem to change to the new color ?
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