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  1. Gallery and Download follow button - needs to be fixed Gallery and Download follow button - needs to be fixed Downloads For an IP.Download file. Minor items to be improved: Promote button - needs outline Follow button Tags I checked other items such as Staff, Online Users, Leaderboard, Clubs, Activity Stream, and third-party apps such as Application Forms by Fosters and Babble by CodingJungle, and they all look good. Nice job with the theme!
  2. Font Area of improvement. There are too many different families of fonts. Most fonts in community look like Tacoma - tall, grateful, and sans serif. It's used in the user navbar, the main menu, the Mark Site read and breadcrumb, most information in the forum index, and all of the footer. BUT ... then the hero message and app name use a serif font, which looks awkward. Menu dropdown Area of improvement. Colors in the menu dropdown need to be fixed Forums Forum Index - Improvements: Font used in "Forums" app name Topic List - Improvements: "Follow this content" button too close to title Page numbers too light to read. Tags not rounded on leftside Topic - Improvements: "Follow this content" button too close to title Promote button needs outline Recommended Posts, Poll, Quote - good
  3. Private testing by Joel on November 5 2017 for Framework.XML provided by Pete T on October 28 2017 https://invisioncommunity.com/messenger/200529/ Overall Feedback Initial impression one week ago as well as today is that this is a very professional theme and very well done. The overall layout, use of space, coloring, and advanced footer are all well done. There are a couple of minor spots that could use some work, so I'll help pinpoint areas. Color palette - Love the "midnight blue" and "blush red." Great combination of color. The colors are very neutral and professional, which means it will work on a wide-variety of communities such as professional, general discussion, business, customer support, and mixed use. Improvements: none Design - The overall layout and use of white space is well done. It's a very 'clean' theme with lots of white spaec and large layouts for easy navigation. Improvements: minor. Custom - The advanced footer, social media icons, and back to top are very nice. The hero message is especially a professional touch. I really like how the hero theme can be 'sticky', which gives almost like a parallax effect when scrolling. When you rollover social media icons, the 'bounce' effect is nice too. Improvements: none
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