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  1. Whay happened with the updated releases Sherri?
  2. Jas

    Update please?

    I downloaded the files and they still are 4.4.9 and 4.4.7 releases. 😞 No updates.
  3. Jas

    Update please?

    Hi Legion! Long time no see! I think we all would like to know IF and WHEN we can expect theme updates to 4.5 as Sherri promised us a while back?
  4. Sherri, can we please have an update regarding updating themes and your future plans? Thanks, Jas
  5. The Emoticons button is not working in the Chatbox when using the White Christmas theme.
  6. Jas

    Celtic Rose

    I am in Nova Scotia 🙂
  7. Jas

    Celtic Rose

    Celtic Rose always was (and still is) my alltime favorite. Maybe Sherri could design a simple version of it? The color of this theme is magnificent!
  8. Pete, this was really helpful. Thank you!
  9. I think this is one of the better and nicest themes you have designed. It has a very balanced feel to it. Perhaps as a result of you being in a better spot? Awesome job Sherri, thank you so much!
  10. Well, I would say Welcome Back....... 🤣🤣
  11. That sounds like a good idea Sherri, that way you keep everything together in one place too. Easier to keep track of things that way for sure. 👍
  12. Sherri, only the 3.4 themes are showing in the premium member downloads........
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