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  1. If you send a PM to onlyME at https://invisioncommunity.com/files/ he will be pleased to fix it for you. In the past he did it for me.
  2. Indeed! I changed the code successfully on my forum too.
  3. 1. Me too I noticed it. 2. I totally agree.
  4. First things first, and replying Bryan Klein's question; "what is / was your favorite theme" Mine was Twilight for years, until Ivy League was released. For some special occasions like Halloween I enable Hallows Eve and Happy Halloween. And for the end of year festivities, I usually enable Here Comes Santa and White Christmas. But to change subject, I totally agree with Logan, and I see things have turned from bad to worse the last couple of years. Can you believe I sent a PM to Sherri on March 4, 2016, and never received a reply in my inbox? Soon we will want to activ
  5. Which excuse will we hear this time? I paid for a 3 year Premium subscription and start to regret it, especially now that Pete T isn't here anymore. At least he did not fail and was helping when he had the time for it.
  6. We're all waiting passionately but will updates still come? I start to wonder!
  7. It's true Sherri, I almost gave up returning here. Now this ... reading your kind words and appreciation toward Pete, made my heart melt. He is a very kind and helpful person indeed. Good luck in starting anew is everything I wish for you. 🍀
  8. I totally agree. Got 5 active themes and waiting for the "Here Comes Santa" 🎅 which I already had activated when it was working with forum software 3.x version.
  9. Whoa! Smashing office and system to On pic 1 I see a mug ... don't spoil your on the keyboard!
  10. OMG yes. Mostly working with Paint.net I didn't realize directly that PSD files have layers! Thank you Sir Wot Sit for refreshing my memory.
  11. Firstly, I want to mention that I like all the themes I bought here and intend to buy some more in the future. Now I have this suggestion; On this site there are "rank images" for Administrator, Support, Premium, Customer and Member and I suppose they are made specially for this forum and shop, right? But what about the customers owning a forum? There must be more than me in your client database! Wouldn't it be a good idea to add a few more images in your future Theme releases? IMHO, I'm almost sure other forum owners w
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