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  1. Thank you guys very much. I'm glad to be back. And with a few more tricks up my sleeve now that I've completed college. Well, I've completed my Associates degree. I'm taking a much needed long break before going back to finish my bachelor's degree, if I go back at all. We'll see what the future holds and how well I can get IBTheme thriving again. I got married this past December 20th and I am the happiest I've ever been in my life. He was my first boyfriend when I was 12 and he was 13. He was my middle school and high school sweetheart. We took things slow and after 3 years of him being very patient with me while I healed and put my life back together, I finally opened my heart and said yes to be his wife. We're moving to a new home on July 1st, so I am trying to get as much done as I can before I have to pack up my computer. I'll probably need about a week or so to get settled enough to work. I'll also finally have an actual office again. Thank God. @bosss if my struggles and unfortunate tramas are a problem for you, you're welcome to leave. I can do without the bashing and drama. Not everyone is blessed with a perfect life. Some of us are just perfectly flawed. @legion and @Ronald, thank you for such a warm welcome back and thank you so much to @foxx for helping to make this possible. I'm beyond excited to be back. I'm getting a few upgrades done before I officially announce my return, but I'm not going to discuss anything beyond what I've already shared with everyone here on the forums. I can't and won't deal with the drama. I'm just thankful to be back. My past is behind me and the future is bright. XOXO -Sherri
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  2. It is great to see you back, believe me you have been missed.
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  3. in the ACP go to the skin you want to edit, in the templates scroll all the way down to forums,->Topics->postContainer and revert that template
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  4. Welcome back and glad to see you
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