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  1. i messaged Sherri yesterday on her Facebook account asking how updates are going and suggested to put a topic on this forum with a list of themes that have been completed. At least we can plan our own updates Pete used to have a theme update topic that worked well. She replied and said it was a good idea and Everything is starting to fall into place. It's just been hectic around there.
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  2. I feel for all of you guys. In the same boat, granted I know how to do all of the theme edits on IPS themes. The main problem is that IPS v4.4.10 -to- v4.5.3, the theme edits required are massive for both the... HTML and CSS files. What I am seeing with all of the IBTheme themes, IPS v4.5.3 breaks the themes badly. I have started to upgrade the... Revolution Yellow theme myself, but found that whoever did the past IPS versions of the theme edits DID NOT do them correctly. So going to make it very very difficult to get the themes upgraded properly. All you can do is wait and see what trans
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  3. Brilliant. Fixed it a treat. Thanks for your assistance on this. Legion is Legend!
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  4. Mine is due for renewal but don't think i will bother renewing this time round. Sherri seams to have plenty of time to post on her private Facebook page but no time for her paying customers. Such a real shame to treat people that way..
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  5. In global.css under global ->framework change this TO THIS
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  6. Hi there, Try experimenting with the new height setting for the theme inside its theme settings > Logo area.
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  7. First things first, and replying Bryan Klein's question; "what is / was your favorite theme" Mine was Twilight for years, until Ivy League was released. For some special occasions like Halloween I enable Hallows Eve and Happy Halloween. And for the end of year festivities, I usually enable Here Comes Santa and White Christmas. But to change subject, I totally agree with Logan, and I see things have turned from bad to worse the last couple of years. Can you believe I sent a PM to Sherri on March 4, 2016, and never received a reply in my inbox? Soon we will want to activ
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