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  1. I hate myself for posting this because I know how hard you work but your themes seriously need some QA checks before they get released. They come across as rushed. I waited until closer to Christmas to install some Xmas themes thinking if I leave it later, the bugs will have been found and fixed, but I just installed 2 of them (Here Comes Santa and Christmas Noel) and they are broken in terms of responsive layout, header image logo and background out of alignment, tiny unreadable font size, widget font size too large breaking the widgets, club forums shown on main index have tiny ima
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  2. Thank you all for pointing this out to me. This is very embarrassing to say the least. I did not upgrade the Noel for IPB 4.4 series and it was not suppose to be released. We only released 2 Christmas themes this year and that was White Christmas and Here Comes Santa. The Noel theme has not been done. The White Christmas theme should not have had any bugs at all. I redesigned that one myself and was under no rush to have it completed. It was reviewed by both Pete and myself. I'll need to know what is wrong with White Christmas so I can get it fixed ASAP. As for the other themes, my absence the
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  3. Yes, sorry to say it as well but having bought the white Christmas theme, the lack of attention to detail and issues within it has stopped us from using it. A real shame.
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