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  1. That error simply means that you have a directory that requires Chmoding to 755 or 777 (writable) If you have other errors such as rendering issues or Template errors at the bottom of the screen thats a different matter
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  2. Looks like I finally found one reason some of the skins are not working properly. I did not see this error before, but it is odd. I'll make the area writable but we'll see if everything goes well. You must make the /applications/core/interface/ckeditor/ckeditor/skins directory writable in order to add themes.
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  3. It is a shame really as I cannot find any themes out there that are like these here. Nearly if not all themes made by other theme authors just do not have the same desired effect for me anyway.
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  4. Super, I will ask him. Thank you @Eric BXL
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  5. I have now fully decided to cancel all my themes now, like I said I love the themes but this constant waiting/asking for updates and not being told what's happening the last update not even from the admin directly but another member who contacted them on FB I understand things happen and real life comes first but the fact they cant even keep us updated in any way, say they are going to update then disappear for weeks/months even if they posted a thread on here as suggested and kept us updated even if there is a delay people I think would be OK with it as long as they were told all
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