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  1. I know I said it once before, but it bares repeating; @Sherri every time I see you working on these themes I get a flood of memories; having been one of your original customers and followers from (and I mean) way back before you even had the website, First version Sherri worked on for me 3.x; it just amazes me. I know I said it before so I will not bore you with the minutia of a blundering noise of repeat phrases like 'Sherri's work is the best' or 'Man there is no other type of theme like Sheri's', because it goes without saying. Finally remembering my password and locating the website I
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  2. i don't expect you will get an answer, click on customer downloads in top menu go here for downloads https://ibtheme.com/forums/clients/purchases/ if you looking for an upgrade to 4.5.2 nothing has been updated yet
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  3. A nice sentiment Brian, but when you pay good money for a theme/skin and don't see any updates for a year and then apps don't work because of an outdated theme it makes you wonder if it was worth paying out in the first place. Don't get me wrong I wish Sherri all the best in getting back on track , are we going to see any discounts for waiting so long? 4.5.2 is out and still no updates.
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