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  2. That error simply means that you have a directory that requires Chmoding to 755 or 777 (writable) If you have other errors such as rendering issues or Template errors at the bottom of the screen thats a different matter
  3. Looks like I finally found one reason some of the skins are not working properly. I did not see this error before, but it is odd. I'll make the area writable but we'll see if everything goes well. You must make the /applications/core/interface/ckeditor/ckeditor/skins directory writable in order to add themes.
  4. Twilight 4.4.7 is installed on my forum but I've disabled it. Most of the plugins and applications are not compatible and when typing in the chatbox it has white text on white background. Sorry to say, but I really regret having bought a 2 year Premium subscription as it is not the first time Sherri fails with the theme updates.
  5. i dont use twilight but it looks like its been updated on this forum, so worth a check if you can download the new version.
  6. What do you mean by the logo is out of whack ? Are you wanting all white text on twilight ? I am using themes from 4.2 all the way up to the latest release of the themes I have from here
  7. I am not having any major issues myself. The skins 4.4.7 or higher run. The only quirk I see is the Logo is a little out of whack on some skins. The text color can be a bit of a pain. Twighlight can show a blue background with black text. But IVY LEAGUE seems to be working pretty well, and that is the default for now. The problem with all of this is, Invision. If they didn't release new updates every stinking time I turn around, it may be a little more manageable for Sherri. If they would allow for some sort of universal skin development, or a way for these skins to self u
  8. legion

    Update please?

    Well that question I cannot answer, are you having any issues with the themes that you have now, that I "might" be able to help with
  9. Jas

    Update please?

    Hi Legion! Long time no see! I think we all would like to know IF and WHEN we can expect theme updates to 4.5 as Sherri promised us a while back?
  10. legion

    Update please?

    Hey Jas, I am not Sherri, but I might be able to help in some way. Are you having problems with the themes you have ?
  11. I am using my 4.4.x themes by sherri on 4.5.4 what issues are you having with the themes ?
  12. Jas

    Update please?

    Bumping this.
  13. It is a shame really as I cannot find any themes out there that are like these here. Nearly if not all themes made by other theme authors just do not have the same desired effect for me anyway.
  14. Super, I will ask him. Thank you @Eric BXL
  15. I have now fully decided to cancel all my themes now, like I said I love the themes but this constant waiting/asking for updates and not being told what's happening the last update not even from the admin directly but another member who contacted them on FB I understand things happen and real life comes first but the fact they cant even keep us updated in any way, say they are going to update then disappear for weeks/months even if they posted a thread on here as suggested and kept us updated even if there is a delay people I think would be OK with it as long as they were told all
  16. If you send a PM to onlyME at https://invisioncommunity.com/files/ he will be pleased to fix it for you. In the past he did it for me.
  17. Does anybody know where in Twilight I can change the text colour for the Chatbox text?
  18. Plus 2 on this.
  19. Sherri, can we please have an update regarding updating themes and your future plans? Thanks, Jas
  20. Indeed! I changed the code successfully on my forum too.
  21. i messaged Sherri yesterday on her Facebook account asking how updates are going and suggested to put a topic on this forum with a list of themes that have been completed. At least we can plan our own updates Pete used to have a theme update topic that worked well. She replied and said it was a good idea and Everything is starting to fall into place. It's just been hectic around there.
  22. 1. Me too I noticed it. 2. I totally agree.
  23. I feel for all of you guys. In the same boat, granted I know how to do all of the theme edits on IPS themes. The main problem is that IPS v4.4.10 -to- v4.5.3, the theme edits required are massive for both the... HTML and CSS files. What I am seeing with all of the IBTheme themes, IPS v4.5.3 breaks the themes badly. I have started to upgrade the... Revolution Yellow theme myself, but found that whoever did the past IPS versions of the theme edits DID NOT do them correctly. So going to make it very very difficult to get the themes upgraded properly. All you can do is wait and see what trans
  24. She has let her business go to pot. How many forum owners is she holding at bay, with outdate theme skins. She does a great job on her skins, but if she can't stay here and do her job, then time to close the place..
  25. Brilliant. Fixed it a treat. Thanks for your assistance on this. Legion is Legend!
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