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  2. Loved some of the older themes
  3. Last week
  4. Any news on how the updates are going. could not find anything over at invision so hoped there was information here
  5. Hi, Following up to my post of August 27, can you provide me with any information, as to how I can removed the copyright statement at the bottom of the Red Pro Theme? I have purchased Copyright Removal. Regards, Ken
  6. Sure hope United We Stand gets upgraded soon...
  7. Earlier
  8. Thanks. My header has an issue on 4.5.2 It's gone really small and out of perspective. Do you know if I can fix it for now? It used to be a deeper depth?
  10. i don't expect you will get an answer, click on customer downloads in top menu go here for downloads https://ibtheme.com/forums/clients/purchases/ if you looking for an upgrade to 4.5.2 nothing has been updated yet
  12. Unfortunately the majority of people in this world today don't have any patience and I would consider waiting a year for updates as being fairly patient. I am one of the lucky ones I just disable a theme if it doesn't work and then spend time fixing it for myself, I don't distribute any fixes as the theme is not mine to do so. However there are probably quite a few people who don't have the financial resources to just go and buy another theme or; and I am in no way trying to be condescending have the knowledge to fix them (my fixes are not the best but they work with all my apps). I
  13. @Logan I do see your plight, and I do see what you are saying here, I would also further my sentiment by saying how sorry I feel for your experience with her and or her products. I wish there would be some way of turning a bad experience around. In this, your situation. I wonder if something could have happened with her personally? It usually is what makes something like that happen, I'm pretty patient so I tend to let these types of situations go as there is enough wrong in the world these days. A theme update is far low on the spectrum of issues in 2020. I'd reach out to the staff here
  14. A nice sentiment Brian, but when you pay good money for a theme/skin and don't see any updates for a year and then apps don't work because of an outdated theme it makes you wonder if it was worth paying out in the first place. Don't get me wrong I wish Sherri all the best in getting back on track , are we going to see any discounts for waiting so long? 4.5.2 is out and still no updates.
  15. I know I said it once before, but it bares repeating; @Sherri every time I see you working on these themes I get a flood of memories; having been one of your original customers and followers from (and I mean) way back before you even had the website, First version Sherri worked on for me 3.x; it just amazes me. I know I said it before so I will not bore you with the minutia of a blundering noise of repeat phrases like 'Sherri's work is the best' or 'Man there is no other type of theme like Sheri's', because it goes without saying. Finally remembering my password and locating the website I
  16. Most appreciate the update notice, thank you Sherri
  17. Hi Now 4.5.2 is available, are the themes being upgraded or in the prosses? If possible a rough idea of when or if they are not going to be upgraded let me know. My site uses Cambridge so that's the only one i am interested in. Thank you
  18. Hello. I've noticed that some themes are updated to 4.4.9, but this one is 4.4.8, and you don't have it in your theme list for your own forum. Is this one 4.4.9 compatible? Thank you.
  19. Hi, I paid for copyright removal. How do I remove the copyright from the Red Pro theme?
  20. I think you will find none of the themes have been updated.
  21. Has the Twilight theme been upgraded to the newest version of 4.5?
  22. I an not using it. Bob amerifax
  23. danke, das ist sehr lieb von dir, aber eigentlich wäre das sherris job ... aber der link zum freephototool ist ganz toll, vielen dank dafür, damit konnte ich das logo nun ändern.
  24. Wenn du möchtest, kann ich dir die Logos umbenennen? Schau mal hier... https://www.freephototool.com
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